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#3 : We Feel Fine

Experience archive #3 : We Feel Fine Now something of a classic, WFF was a real step in abstracted data. Elegant data views, simple filtering and at the heart of it, very human, sentiment driven blog posts. The beauty is in the fulfillment of picking interesting times and places where significant events were taking place. It provides you with some really honest slices through human emotion.

#2 : Ambient Orb

Experience archive #2 : Ambient Orb MP3 hack We love this – iperry’s hack of four Ambient Orbs from Ambient Devices to create an elegant desktop MP3 visualisation.

#1 : Zygote

Experience archive #1 : Zygote Balls for Blue Man Group Wetten Dass is the most popular entertainment TV program in Europe, show on ZDF in Germany. Blue Man Group featured Tangible Interactions awesome interactive Zygote Balls. Blue Man Group has also incorporated Zygote Balls into its permanent Tokyo, Boston, Chicago and Berlin shows, and took them on tour throughout North America in 2011/12.

#0 : Human Joysticks

Experience archive #0 : Human Joysticks A really lovely example of what great things can happen when you empower people en-masse to simply play. msnbc.com presents the worldwide premiere of interactive crowd gaming in movie theaters. Captured opening weekend of Spider Man 3 in Los Angeles in the summer of 2007. Also played in Philadelphia and White Plains, NY. Created by SS+K in collaboration with Brand Experience Lab. Play the online version of the NewsBreaker RSS game: www.NewsBreakergame.com